Sunday Preview (Sep 21st edition)

As the Day of the Lord approaches, we gather regularly on the Lord's Day to worship and be fed by the Word of God. Our feet walk the pilgrim's path as we journey towards the Holy City - towards the holy ground which is sanctified, pure, radiant and resplendent. John describes this destination in Revelation 21:1-11 in words that carry such significance for those who are heavy-laden and burdened by the pressures & sorrows of life. Our journey is ongoing and our path is mired with conflict, division, struggle, and the fleeting experiences of peace and love that mark our days. 

This conflict and struggle in the lives of the patriarchs is showcased in Genesis 25:19-34. The prophet Hosea calls to mind this struggle in Hosea 12 in order to express the tumult & infidelity of the lives of Jacob and his sons. They knew the brokenness of life and the restlessness of the weary traveller. 

Another woman knew that brokenness: the woman of the city who was a sinner who came to Jesus in the house of a Pharisee. Luke 7:36-50 will instruct us in the nature of the forgiven life - an existence paralleled in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and continuing through to this day.