Sunday Preview (Jan 25th edition)

Sunday Preview
Tomorrow morning we have the privilege of joining together for worship and fellowship. We need these weekly gatherings for our continued spiritual nourishment and personal participation in the body of Christ. Each Sunday is another reminder that our first day of the week gathering is a celebration of Christ, the firstfruits of the resurrection! 

The scripture's account of the life of Jacob now brings us to the 32nd chapter of Genesis. This dramatic scene has all the elements of a great story - tension, surprise, wrestling, mystery, and an incredible display of divine love at work in Jacob the deceiver who becomes Israel. We will read from Hosea 6 to set this event in the context of later revelation and we'll also pick up the words of Hosea 12:2-6 in order to understand this scene. 

As Bruce Waltke captures the conclusion so well, “the limp is the posture of the saint, walking not in physical strength but in spiritual strength” (*Genesis*, p 448). 

In the afternoon we will be taking up the 1st commandment concerning idolatry and the Lord's strict words to his people in Jeremiah 17:1-10. This 1st commandment cuts to the heart of our pretensions, hidden desires, and straying thoughts and brings us again and again to the throne of God for mercy and renewal in worshipping Him alone.