Sunday Preview (June 21st edition)

We are continuing in our sermon series through Genesis and we've come to the family drama of Joseph and his brothers. It's a fascinating sequence of events and we'll actually be taking up two parts of one extended scene in our two sermons tomorrow.

Bruce Waltke offers a helpful summary of this scene, noting that "it opens with guilt-ridden brothers 'looking at each other', unable to talk and act in the face of the crisis, and with Jacob barking at them (42:1). It ends with the brothers tearfully embracing one another, free of blaming and guilt, and the whole family anticipating being reunited with Joseph in Egypt." (Genesis, p. 539)

Anticipating the greater reconciliation of man with God through the intercession of Jesus Christ, this scene in Egypt is a powerful demonstration of the gospel of grace and peace!

Come in weakness - be fed in Christ - grow in grace and holiness!