Sunday Preview (June 28th edition)

If you're browsing through our site today or tomorrow, here's a preview of what's in store for us in our worship services on Sunday: 

In the morning service, which is admittedly early, we will hear from the Word of God as found in Psalm 67, Psalm 20, Romans 1, Matthew 5, 1 John 1, Genesis 43, and 2 Corinthians 13. We will also be singing from Psalm 28 and Psalm 116 along with several hymns as part of our response to the proclamation of God's Word. We might not always think about the various ways that Scripture is used in the worship service but it is an extensive part of our worship. Why? Because the Word of God is rich and powerful - expressing the full range of human emotions and addressing the full range of human experiences. 

As we continue our series in Genesis, we come the 43rd chapter which details the sons of Jacob and their second journey to Egypt. The sermon is titled "Mercy in the Face of Fear" and the dominant focus will be on the fears that the brothers faced and felt in the presence of Joseph and the unexpected mercy that was shown to them. 

In the afternoon service, we will again be addressed by a diverse range of scriptural material and take up in our sermon the Psalmist's plea for the will of the LORD, and not others, to be done in Psalm 10. This will be in connection with our reference from the Heidelberg Catechism Q&A on the petition "thy will be done" in the Lord's Prayer. 

Please join us - we'd love to have you visit and share with us in the life-giving Word of God!