Sunday Preview (January 24th)

After a long hiatus, the Sunday Preview Posts are Back!

In anticipation of our weekly gathering for worship and fellowship together, it's good to be reminded of the tremendous freedoms that we enjoy in our country and community to worship openly and confess our faith publicly. This is not a privilege enjoyed by all who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. We'll be reminded of this in our afternoon sermon as we consider the rich comfort we find in Psalm 46. God is our refuge and our strength - whether in times of liberty or in times of oppression. He is bringing about His will and He has pledged to preserve the people of God in all circumstances! 

We will also be wrapping up 1 Thessalonians with a sermon on the final verses (1 Thess 5: 16-28) and the concluding remarks that the Apostle Paul makes to the church of Thessalonika.