Sunday Preview (December 11th edition)

As the Lord's Day draws near, we are again drawn together to the worship of our Holy God as an ecclesia or gathering of believers. We do so with adoration of our Holy God and with wonder at His saving ways! 

Tomorrow we will focus in our third advent sermon on the prophecy of Jeremiah concerning the Righteous Branch of David who serves as the Good Shepherd of the people of God. To that end, I wanted to share a rich quote to meditate on from John Calvin's lectures on our text in Jeremiah 23:1-8, where he writes: 

The difference between the righteousness of Christ and the righteousness of kings ought to be here noticed. They who rule well can in no other way administer righteousness and judgment than by being careful to render to every one his own, and that by checking the audacity of the wicked, and by defending the good and the innocent; this only is what can be expected from earthly kings.
But Christ is far different: for he is not only wise so as to know what is right and best, but he also endues his own people with wisdom and knowledge; he executes judgment and righteousness, not only because he defends the innocent, aids them who are oppressed, gives help to the miserable, and restrains the wicked; but He doeth righteousness, because he regenerates us by His Spirit, and He also doeth judgment, because he bridles, as it were, the devil. 
We now then understand the design of what I said, that we ought to mark the transcendency of Christ over earthly kings, and also the analogy [similarity]; for there is some likeness and some difference: the difference between Christ and other kings is very great and yet there is a likeness in some things; and earthly kings are set forth to us as figures and types of him.

In our second service, we will be fed again in God's Word with our sermon being taken from Matthew 15:1-20 and then we will be fed through the ministry of the Lord's Supper. May the Lord richly bless us with fellowship, unity, and joy in Christ tomorrow and always!