A little update on our Parenting Course

Do you have kids or would like to have kids someday? Does being a parent scare you just a little? 

Macleans magazine recently ran a cover story on parenting that was entitled: "The Collapse of Parenting: Why It's Time for Parents to Grow Up" (here). In the article, the author made the point that parents today are largely ceding authority in the home to their entitled, embittered, and overwhelmed children who are unable to cope with this burden of handling the complexities of raising themselves. In reaction to the abuse of authority or even the regular use of parental authority, studies are finding that many parents have taken "child-centered" parenting so far that it leaves them bargaining, pleading, and cajoling their kids without any real positive fruit from it. Read the article for yourself if you have time - it's well worth the read!

Now, is there anything different happening in Christian homes? Are the children of Adoration learning about a different way of being under authority? We believe that God is our creator and that he has given children their parents for a reason. What's more, he has given parents many responsibilities towards their children. And, most centrally, he has given parents a particular calling to instruct the hearts of their children in a God-oriented, not self-oriented way. He doesn't merely want us to go through the motions of devotion or to tick off the boxes of bible memory and Christmas program participation ... God desires parents to communicate through word and deed a most important message for the hearts of their children. 

This is the main focus of the course that we'll be running at Adoration on four successive Fridays starting on February 19th. We'll be receiving some great instruction from Paul Tripp, pastor and teacher of "Getting to the Heart of Parenting" as he teaches us how to be parents who see the big picture in all the little things. We'll be watching the DVD series on an accelerated timeline in order to make the most of the time that we have together. There will be study questions and lots of discussion as we figure out what we should be doing, aren't doing, and can start doing! 

Would you like to learn more? Contact Pastor Norm at pastor@adorationurc.ca.