Great Reflection on the Life of Moses!

So I (Pastor Norm), was really struck by this sequence of contrasts in the life of Moses

“The life of Moses presents a series of striking antitheses.

He was the child of a slave, and the son of a queen.

He was born in a hut, and lived in a palace.

He inherited poverty, and enjoyed unlimited wealth.

He was the leader of armies, and the keeper of flocks.

He was the mightiest of warriors, and the meekest of men.

He was educated in the court, and dwelt in the desert.

He had the wisdom of Egypt, and the faith of a child.

He was [trained] for the city, and wandered in the wilderness.

He was tempted with the pleasures of sin, and endured the hardships of virtue.

He was backward in speech, and talked with God.

He had the rod of a shepherd, and the power of the Infinite.

He was a fugitive from Pharaoh, and an ambassador from heaven.

He was the giver of the Law, and the forerunner of grace.

He died alone on Mount Moab, and appeared with Christ in Judea.

No man assisted at his funeral, yet God buried him.”

(Dr. I.M. Haldeman, cited in Gleanings in Exodus by A.W. Pink, p 16)